Thursday, January 6, 2011

Need ALOT of help here!

Well the challange is going good to start. i do hate playing the micro stakesm but that is part of the challange and the fun.
BUT i reliezed i need ALOT of help. so i cant add any money to my PokerStars account so i will wait and see if i can read some more and fix my PROBLEM, if not i will have to get a coach or someone that can help me.
I like to look at my graphs in Big Blinds, it allows me to play with out the thought of money on my mind, cause this challange at the beginning has not alot to do with that. until i can get up to 100nl then i can start with the second half of my challange and thats building a Awesome custom chopper. that i will rid across canada, around the coast of the USA before finishing up in Ottawa, where i will will sell it and give Profits to Charity.

So here is my PROBLEM. first graph is the last 10k hands i played. seem ok i guess.

Now when i put on the graph that is with my non-showdown and showdown winnings, notice the DOWNWARD spiral that my NON-SHOWDOWN winnings are going. when i was playing alot before my non-showdown was higher then showdown.


Sunday, January 2, 2011

Got the BluePrint

just a quicky update. i got the blue print for a 250mm ridged chopper frame. it wont look like this but as you can see it has all the mounting points for the motor and stuff. i will be using it as a guide. after looking at it i will be keeping the same rake and stretch. as it is 35 degree rake and a 4up 2 out frame but i will make a drop seat and clean up the neck area, and add some coool web gussets. so i guess another couple days at the tables and i will go get a fresh bottle of argon gas to start on the welding.
oh in case u didnt know i do know what i am doing. i had a job in So-Cal at big bear choppers but couldnt get the work visa to go to the usa to work. ARGGGGG!
So if any baller out there wants a custom bike built let me know. i will do it very cheap. its a passion to build these things.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

2011 Update Goals

Well it is 2011, and its time to start again. A little more about me. I play more live then i do online. i find i can do WAY better live. Part of it may be the play is alot weaker but i do like to drink and have a good time. And it pays off. Getting friendly with the other players and playing all crazy gets paid off very well. I do have a place in Henderson, NV. That makes it very nice to go and play live, as one of my good friends rents me his basement appartment.
So for the past few months i have been dabbling in nl cash games on line. most of the time it has been with my trusty friend captain Morgan;)No more.
So i had some problems that came up and it cost me a BLOODY FORTUNE!!!!!! so i aam starting fresh. I want to try something. Like I said before i will turn a little bit of money in to a custom bike. but for a little extra challange i want to see how far i can make it u the ladder.
I started playing a few thousand hands of NL2 and well after a 5k hands i am up and running hotter then hell at 40.32 bb/100. LOL if only that would stay. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA
So i am giving up all my free time and 20-24 table all day. i will go to the gym 2 times a day and play online 10-12hrs.
i am doing this because i know and everyone knows i will fail. but hell lets give it a try. who knows what will happen


Friday, December 31, 2010

Update Coming

I am taking my bike build challange and adding a little more to it. I have a new bet/challange to add to it. i will write it out and update. it will be tough, and i really dont think i can do it, but i will give it a go.
It is inspired from Team PokerStars online Pro Frosty012. i will update it tommorow Jan 01/11, and start it either on the Second or the Third of the month.